Saturday, October 06, 2012

Learning from Security Officer at reception !

Couple of days back I went to give an interview in a company. My interview time was 1700 hrs so I reached there at 1645hrs. Henceforth I was waiting at reception and was reading newspaper. 

Things were smooth as I was very much confident about my selection. Suddenly security officer called me and requested me not to lock the legs over the other. I was speechless but it was a great lesson for me to learn. 

I started observing his activities and suddenly I noticed that another candidate stepped inside for an interview. He said to the security officer, "Good After Noon ! bla bla bla...." and the officer replied "Good Evening sir ! Please have a seat." I was again shocked to observe that even the security officer was aware that after 1600 hrs, it's Good Evening not Good After Noon. 

I gave interview with full confidence and when I came back, I started reading about "Leg Gestures" and found that It is an indication of being reserved, nervous and defensive

I'm sure that you'll not do the same which I did during an interview i.e. locking of the leg one over the other. 

Moral of the story : 
Body language matters a lot irrespective of whether you are inside an interview room or waiting at reception.

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