Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Static Analysis | Dynamic Analysis | Unit Testing | Code Analysis Discussion

Since I've joined LDRA Technologies Pvt. Ltd as Technical Marketing Assistant hence I recieved few queries like :
What LDRA does ? and what its focus is ?
What is the role of LDRA tool suite ?
How these tools can help you in achieving zero defect software ?
and so on ....
Henceforth the answer is here ....

Whenever a company develops any software application on which people’s lives depend than it becomes very necessary for the developers to achieve zero-defect software. In order to achieve it, we use static analysis, dynamic analysis, unit testing etc.

Readers of this post might be interested in knowing what do I mean by static analysis, dynamic analysis and related terminologies. I'm sure by reading below linked articles you'll be able to understand the meaning of such terminologies.
@ AeSI Students : Even if you look at Job Description of recent recruitments, so you'll find few terms like basic knowledge of DO-178B including Level A, knowledge/experience on LDRA tools etc. Henceforth I strongly recommend below mentioned articles to be read by all Avionics students and recent graduates.
If you would like more information concerning the LDRA tool suite else if you want to know how such tools can perform static and dynamic analysis or unit testing than please take a moment to complete the following form. (Click Here)

All the best !

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