Friday, January 06, 2012

Why we fail AeSI exams?

A recent comment by Yash on this blog post (
) made a good point.

Student fail AeSI exams because of lack of knowledge, lack of
expression and lastly because of tension in the exam hall.

Yash advocates that to release that tension, take practice exams.

I agree this works but I would like to add to the conversation.

Beating lack of knowledge is straight forward. Spend time learning.
Put in the effort.

Lack of knowledge will surely doom you. It's the foundation. If it's
not strong, nothing can be built on it.

Lack of expression. This requires practice. Practice tests as
advocated by Yash are a great way to tackle lack of expression. If you
are failing inspite of studying, then this is the likely culprit.
Practice answering and taking mock exams!

Tension. The third reason that chokes your exam. I think tension is
the symptom here not the cause.

The real cause is our expectation. Yes our expectation that this is an
important moment and the exams are the do or die. This self
expectation causes the tension and eventually overwhelms us.

Yes the moment is important. But we put more weight to it than
necessary. In the exam hall, we need to tone down our expectations and
just give the exams as it's just other class work.

All my exams where I had this light attitude in the examination hall,
I actually did very well.

We choke not because we haven't studied but because of weight of our
expectation. So study hard, and when it's time to be in the
examination hall, take everything light.

It worked for me and I know it will work for you.

Do you have any other tip, do share in the comments.

By the way, thanks Yash!

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