Friday, January 20, 2012

A good programmer must be a good debugger !!!!

During the days, I was learning programming language concepts of C at Hewlett-Packard, I have observed few things ; I think that they will help the students who wish to learn any programming language and those who wants to enter in the professional world.

1. I do remember my first day "ORIENTATION DAY", it's the time when company educate the candidates about what we shall learn in the upcoming days? What is company's expectations ? & also educate about the journey of company till today. I observed that many candidates don't understand the importance of it, they feel that it's just an Induction training ... we'll not learn anything in it... however actually It's the best time for you to learn few things like : how the management team is delivering the things, in case of unexpected questions asked by the team...... what is the approach they are going to use..... , there leadership skills and a lot.......
2. I'm sharing one incident with you which happened with me. There is something called "DATA TYPES" in C language, Even though I have learned them so many times but I have realized later that I don't know even a single thing. So whenever we learn something again, it's obvious we shall learn new concepts.
"Suppose you are a developer and you have been assigned to make a simple program to get the age of a traveler of Indian Railways, It's simple that you'll use INT  (int a;) however my trainer explained me that how selecting wrong data type affects the cost of the project. A survey says that daily 2 million people travel in Indian Railways, an INT data type consist of 8 bit (let's say) , a normal human age can be max. of 99 (in general) which is 1100011 in binary.... hence for a single customer 1 bit is wasted... and for 2 million people... 2 million bits .... and to store the data for 3-4 months ... (??????? Oh my God !! ???????) now analysis that how much memory is wasted ; and to have this memory how much cost you require.... "
So I want to suggest that never consider anything like it's damn simple... we should try to think/analysis different aspects of everything. There must be a proper use of grammar in any program script. Even Sukhbiner Singh also says that a programmer must be a good in debugging.
Cheers !!!!!

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