Thursday, January 05, 2012

Interview Questions !!!!

Dear friends,
There were several times I have seen nervousness on the face of my candidates before interview, It's just because lack of knowledge about the questions HR is going to ask. Hence I suggest everyone that before going to interview, one should prepare for it & should know about the company, the projects for which company is hiring and all......  Preparation and confidence are very important. Good preparation always creates confidence. So the important thing to an interview is to be well prepared. In this you have to consider two things:
  1. You must prepare yourself practically for the interview.  
  2. You have to gather information which is useful during the interview.

Please find the below given links which will help you in preparing for the interview and in building up confidence 

Questions asked in Honeywell Interview.

Questions asked in HAL Interview
Question asked in various companies @ Embedded Systems for Avionics domain

beside the above links, Internet is the best source to prepare for the interview.

Good luck to all..........
January 05, 2012 

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