Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Don't be an electric current

It's easy to blame someone else. Like electric current we are hard wired to take the path of least resistance.

And when something goes wrong, the path of least resistance is to put the blame on someone.

This is exactly what we do in aesi. After each exam results I see people getting angry and bitching and bad mouthing aesi and it's official. I was also a victim of this.

Getting angry is good. It means you care. I have seen people in aesi who just didnt react. They just coasted along. So anger is good.

But don't take the path of least resistance. Ponder deep and find the mistakes that were under your control but you made. Ponder on what was the root cause for the failure. Yes it's hard and that's why it's rewarding.

If Sachin blamed the bowlers for each of his dismisal without any introspection, I don't think he would have been a great batsman that he is today!!

His skills and knowledge sharpened by first acknowledging his mistakes and then taking steps in correcting them.

This is how we learn and grow. If it weren't for mistakes and little resistance, we would still be in the stone ages.

So don't be an electric current.

As always best of luck for the AMAeSI results!

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