Sunday, August 21, 2011

5 quick questions AeSI student/graduate asks

Following are 5 questions I am always asked. They find a way to seep into my inbox with regular frequency.

So finally decided to answer them here. Search the blog for more elaborate answers.

Can we go for masters after AMAeSI

Yes why not. So many have already done it, why not you.

Is AeSI evil?

No. But it depends. As after every exam results, this thought dominated my mind.

Do private firms recruit aesi graduates?

Yes. Aesi graduates have infected every organisation. So rest assured. From private to public, you are welcome everywhere.

What stream to choose for section B?

Any stream that you are comfortable. Every stream has equal chances of giving you a great career money wise. But if you want to be truly happy with your work, choose the stream you are more comfortable and enjoy regardless of the money aspect.

Which skills do I need to get ahead?

Many. But if I have to choose one and only one, then it has to be communication skills. Develop it. Both verbal and written communication skills can take you a long way!!

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