Friday, January 20, 2012

Please help each other_e.books !!!

Try to imagine the time when you were giving any paper of Sec. A or Sec. B. Friends, It's really very difficult to pass any exam without the guidance of seniors and teachers. I have received many emails from students that please help me in getting this and all.... Henceforth I request you to please help your co-fellows in terms of books. Please provide the links of various e.books available on the Internet and which are good. By doing this, I think that our fellow students will be benefited. Even I feel proud that I had very good community of helping friends, They helped me a lot in getting many e.books . Everyone will be happy if you can post the link of good e.books available as a comment so that fellow students can be benefited.

Looking forward for a positive response from you all and I believe that you'll help your fellow students.

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