Monday, May 16, 2011

Total Immersion

Apologies again for failing back on the blog update.

Actually I am learning something totally new now a days. And any time
beyond work and playing with my daughter, I am spending it reading
more about that something.

As I have already written here a couple of time, total immersion is
how I gain the most. It's that thing in action.

When I was NAL, I was assigned the job of working with a vb code and
designing compressors. That was interesting but more interesting was
the way the cad designer used my coordinates and design data to create
a compressor. That very act fasinated me. Having no prior experience
of any cad program increased my curiosity in that job.

To cut the story short. Those days I stayed longer in nal just to
learn that tool. All free time I had was devoted in learning that cad
software. I was engrossed and that total immerssion was so successful
that I was designing my own compressors and cad modelling them for my
boss a couple of months later.

So what is your style? Do you take a deep dive? Let see what are your
style of gaining command of whatever you are interested in?

More on learning by immersion at this location

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