Monday, May 02, 2011

So much to read and so little time.

Yes this is the reality of today and for future. As information get
online and more freely available, this is the sentiments that you will

The earlier you realize this, the better.

Reading is and always will be an integral part of your life. With
rapidly evolving world, reading and keeping yourself current has
become must for everyone. Your earning abilities, knowledge
comptetiveness will need the sharpnessprovide by regular reading.

So start today. Make a habit of reading in whatever stage you are now.
This is one activity that will benefit you all your life. Read what
interests you but start the habit of regular reading.

Knowlege is compounding. The earlier you begin the more capital you
will accumulate.

This year I have made a point to read at LEAST 30 minutes a day
without distraction. I have not been super successful in this so far,
but this month onward I am aiming to improve.

3 things that I have learnt in starting this habit are

1. Decide a time for reading and stick to it.
2. Once you start, don't let yourself to be distracted. Focused half
an hour of reading is worth 10 times of a distracted effort.
3. And lastly be consistent. Daily routines are much easier to

Hope you will try installing this habit. Good luck!

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