Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Online communities

Reacting to the previous post of some free online aerospace magazines,
Mr Mainak from Nal has this to add.

Hi ,
I think by accessing linkedin discussion students can get lots of
insight about what's going in industry. Create a profile then search
for the related content. There are some forums. Apart from that there
are pilot discussion available in web. This gives lots of insight in
to the systems. The following link gives lots of data regarding FCOM
manual and other essential aircraft information.


I fully agree with Mainak, online communities like linkedin, cfdforum,
google groups are best way to keep in touch with the current topics
that are happening in your chosen field.

Moreover participating in this forums improves your communication
skills, which in my opinion is the biggest skill needed for success in

These online communities also helps you network and expand your weak

Thanks Mainak for the email. Do you have anything to add? Don't be
shy. Chip in.

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