Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Some free online aerospace related magazines

Last post I talked about so much to read. In this post I will refer
you to some of my reading list that prompted that post.

Below is the list of some online magazines that are available for free
related to engineering, aerospace, and aviation. I am a regular reader
of these and the list goes on increasing.

ANSYS Advantage
ANSYS Advantage, the award-winning magazine about excellence in
engineering simulation, showcases a broad range of engineering
simulation capabilities through in-depth articles authored by industry
and ANSYS specialists http://www.ansys.com/About+ANSYS/ANSYS+Advantage+Magazine/Current+Issue

Aerospace America
Aerospace America is exclusive to AIAA members but archives are
available. Check them out http://www.aerospaceamerica.org/Pages/Archives.aspx

AERO magazine is published quarterly by Boeing Commercial Airplanes
and is distributed at no cost to operators of Boeing commercial
airplanes. AERO provides operators with supplemental technical
information to promote continuous safety and efficiency in their daily
fleet operations. http://www.boeing.com/commercial/aeromagazine/

FAST from airbus
From flight testing to instruments, from aircrafts to engineering
support, it covers all. http://www.airbus.com/support/publications/

The Aero Magazine
The Aero Magazine is issued twice a year. If you're interested in
aviation, it's a magazine for you.

Online Magazine from Rolls-Royce.
Not much to read but go there for cool wallpaper downloads.

Lectures from the Royal Aeronautical Society's Online Media Channel.
Great stuff. Absolute must if you want to listen to top aerospace
experts speak. http://www.aerosocietychannel.com/s/all-lectures/

Indian specific aerospace news magazine.

Other mentions

If you know of any other publication, please do add to the list.


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