Tuesday, May 17, 2011


By now if you were not living under a rock, you will know about AeSIAA
or aeronautical society of India Alumni Association.

Anyway I will go ahead and repeat, AeSI Alumni Association is a
registered society that aims to formally unite and work for the
betterment of AeSI students and graduates.

In short spam of year it has made a mark on the Indian aerospace
scene. From conducting national level aerospace seminar to family get
togethers, from job fairs to aeromodelling, professional and overall
development of AeSI graduates is its primary aim.

So are you a member of this?

If you are not, please be. It's meant for all aesi graduates. Register
and become a part of this by sending a mail to Mr Anuj Jha or Mr
Kuldeep Kumar at the following emails.


In couple of weeks AeSIAA will be having it's Annual General Meeting
in Bangalore.

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