Saturday, May 28, 2011

An opportunity

Saw this mail in one of a google group I follow.


Pardon if this is not exactly on topic, but I hope some
readers of this group will find it of interest.

I'm the author and maintainer of ftnchek, a venerable static
analysis program for finding bugs in Fortran code. In its
heyday, ftnchek was quite popular with Fortran programmers.
However, for some time now ftnchek has been kind of moribund
due to its only accepting Fortran 77 syntax with some
Fortran 90 extensions.

This situation is about to change. I have been awarded a
grant that can support a graduate research assistant for one
calendar year, including a stipend and 1/3 of tuition. The
project will involve rebuilding ftnchek to accept the full
current Fortran standard syntax.

If you are or know of a graduating senior who is planning to
begin a master's degree program in computer science this
September, with a good background and interest in compilers,
please contact me for details on the assistantship and how
to apply to Fordham's M.S. program in computer science.

Dr. Robert Moniot
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Fordham University
New York, NY 10023

office: LL-817-E
phone: (212) 636-6334

Yes this opportunity is available to international students provided they get themselves admitted to the MS program and being interested in this program will boost the admission process.

Go check it.

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