Saturday, March 12, 2011

Job portals - how an AeSI graduate can use it optimally

As Seema Bhatia, former HR professional explains, "Job portals are quite useful when we have to recruit employees. Now, we don't have to wait for employees to send us their resumes, we can simply log on to the website, put in our criteria and get a list of the employees that we want. We often use the portals to target a mass audience."

The important bit in the above text is " put in our criteria"! Yes that's the whole thing.

The criteria are the keywords. If your resume have them, your resume will bubble up to the top. That's the secret there is in all online job portals.

Are you using this effectively?

Are you filling the job portal form with some afterthought?

Are you enriching your resume with keywords, describing your profile, experience and education?

Are you placing your target job specific words in your resume?

Hope this thoughts will trigger and help you use online job portals in a much better way.

Good luck!

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