Thursday, March 10, 2011

Design-Analysis softwares or programming language should an AeSI graduate choose?

Recently Rohan had this question for me. He is in section B(aero mech), doing it from G.I.E.

His query

Sir, can u plz spare some time to tell us(i n my friends) whether we should go for learning softwares(catia proE..) or improve programming language(c, c++).
thanks sr.

So what should he do?

Should he learn analysis or design softwares or learn programming languages?

What's your call?

I would say do both. Design and analysis softwares are part of an engineers life. You can't bypass them. In the start they are the skills sets that can fetch you a job.

But knowing programming in any language is a life skill. It will make your life easier. As you pick programming skills, you will be able to automate stuff and tasks.

As an aesi graduate, I don't want you to push you towards software engineering if you aren't passionate about it, but learning and knowing a language will definitely give you an edge.

This all depends on your choice, and inclination.

During my AeSI days, and training period, I was more inclined towards programming but never missed an opportunity to pick up solidworks, ansys, etc.

The choice is yours!!

So it's your turn, tell us Design-Analysis softwares or programming language - which one should an AeSI graduate choose?

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