Sunday, March 06, 2011

How to improve your skills exponentially - Thought from AeSIAA outing

In the recent AeSIAA outing, I meet an AeSI student from chennai who
was such a good portrait artist.

He had brought his art work there and I had a look at his art. He
clearly had a passion for it and he was good at it.

After seeing this, I asked him if he has posted this some place, where
others can see it. He declined. I insisted Him to put it online for
others to see.

Why? Well there are three reasons.

1. By sharing your work, you spread it. You expose it and it might
land you some opportunity that would be impossible other wise.

2. By sharing you improve. You may draw or do things for your pleasure
but when you do things with the intenstions of sharing you tend to do
your best. It's human thing. By exposing it to other, you want the
thing to be the best.

3. By sharing, you invite critisism and praise. Both have their own
place. Positive praise motivates you while positive critisism will
help you improve. Critisism can help you see your pitfalls and improve

Sharing if used can exponentially increase your skills.

So putting them for others to see is clearly to your advantege, but
where should your do it.

Internet is the best route. Don't have technical inclination to put up
a website, use orkut and facebook as your showcase.

Upload your work somewhere on free google pages and link it from your
facebook or orkut profile.

And the beauty of sharing is that this is not applicable for a drawing
artist, if you are learning catia or analysis, you can use the same
sharing technique to improve your skills !!

So what are you waiting for? The world is waiting to be amazed, show
your talent!!

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