Thursday, March 03, 2011

5 simple steps to have a productive day.

Be it in AeSI as a student or as a trainee in NAL or in your day job, here are 5 simple steps that can help you have a productive day.

1. Plan ahead.
Planning the day well in advance or the night before works great. This works because it untangles planning and action.

2. Make a routine.
Very similar to first point. Having a routine for all routine tasks helps in separating the action from planning. Frees you from day to day decision. Be it in what to study or what to work on next. Clearly maps your path.

3. Mix and match.
Working on one thing hours on is not going to cut it. Imagine how monotonous Sachin's batting would have been if he just used one shot all the time. Similarly, mixing different subjects or different activities in your work life goes a long way in keeping you alert and productive.

4. Not just work.
Work and no play is a bad combination. So Work and play. Don't just do serious stuff. Do the trivial stuff. Mix essential tasks with fun but non essential tasks. Life will be much more easier.

5. Process is important.
"Karam kiyae ja, fal ki chinta mat kar" says Bhagvat Gita. The process is important. The journey is the core. So make it a point to enjoy it. Destination will eventually arrive.

Most successful students and professionals use one or combinations of these steps. Why are you waiting for?

Good luck.

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