Sunday, March 06, 2011

AeSIAA Outing - some random thoughts

Yesterday at the appointed day 60+ people sacrificed there Saturday
and joined the AeSI community of friends and families for an outing.
Thank you all. You made it what it was.

It was the 3rd aesiaa outing and the unique thing about this outing
was we had more newer people joining us than the regulars. Members
outside Bangalore also came.

As someone told me "I don't know 80 % people here". That's a good
sign. Pointing that the reach of AeSIAA is going far and beyond from
where it began.

There was a resounding yes, when at the end of session, we asked
everyone if they enjoyed the whole experience.

Participation is enjoyment. That's what I saw yesterday. Those who
joined in and participated have enjoyed the most.

Well pictures of the event will soon follow. If you have some pics in
your digital camera, please do share it with us.

And for those who missed the event this time, hope you are enticed
enough to join in the next time we do something like this.


I have been following aesiaa from it's inception, you can see it's
progress via the posts available at the following link

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