Saturday, May 12, 2012

Roadies and your interview

Do you see roadies? I like the show. At the audtions stage, have you
noticed a subtle thing.

If the personal interview starts with a positive note then it ususally
goes great. And if it flips then it's at the begining of the interview.

So why am I talking about this here on myaesi.

Well it's just how the interviews are.

Usually the first question on any interview is to tell about yourself
or walk us through your profile.

Prepare this well. This is your place where you can set the tone of
the interview. With your reply you can steer the interviewers
attention to your favorite subject, experience or skills.

If answered correctly, the first question is platform to launch to
new heights and if you fail it's a black hole to drag you down.

So prepare well. Unlike roadies, you don't get a quick second chance

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