Sunday, May 27, 2012

Are jobs there for freshers ?

Good Morning friends.
I'm writing this post because I've noticed many students creating negative environment about Aesi and saying that jobs are not there in the market for freshers & due to this many students quit Aesi.
First of all let me tell that community very clearly that "Winners don't quit & Quitters don't win" It seems bookish but It's a fact. Add-on to it we can't get everything under one roof specially when we are in Aesi.
Even It's written in "You Can Win" book that "It might be possible that without struggle you can get the job but It can't be a long term career."
Coming to the point, I'm sharing some screen shots here taken from LinkedIn which will show you the career path, the path which can lead to success. You'll find that the OJT training provided by the society is the first step of the ladder and to get this training there is a benchmark of 60%.

I've share the screen shots now It's you who have to understand that how important it is to touch the benchmark of 60%. Clearing the papers with 50 is never going to help you in career. My request to all who are appearing in June2012 examination is to try as much as possible to get at least above 60.
Specially the Section-A students, Don't follow the tradition of clearing papers with 50 and giving parties to friends after that. :p Trust me, ask your seniors once you'll come in Section-B It'll become very difficult to improve the percentage of Section-A. 
Good Luck for exams & All the very best. 

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