Monday, May 28, 2012

Can anyone organize a day workshop on Aeromodelling ?

I've come across with a profile who is teaching embedded science to students since last many years. He has devoted his entire life in learning & sharing the knowledge. We became friends by social media. Yesterday I was interacting with him and he asked me a help. Actually he is looking for any professional or student who is perfect in aeromodelling ? and can take a day workshop on it because he wants his students to learn Aeromodelling.
Since It's a blog dedicated to Aviation and here so many profiles are there who are into aviation since last many years. I'm expecting some helping hands to come up without any expectation to teach Aeromodelling to his students.
Let me be very clear about my words, You'll not get any money for it but Yes, the only thing which you'll get is the internal happiness because by doing so You'll not only help some students but also you'll enhance your skills.
If anyone is interested to take this workshop so he can contact me 24*7.
Himalya Bansal
+91-  8923254109
Facebook : Himalya Bansal (CLICK HERE)

At last the friend I was talking about is none other than Mr. Vinay Chaddha , C.E.O. - GVC Systems.
Add on to it, if you need any knowledge about Embedded Technology so you can message him anytime. I'm confident about his positive reply.
Facebook : Vinay Chaddha (CLICK HERE)

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