Monday, May 28, 2012

Common sense tips for exams

Writing exams is like baking a cake. Yes baking a cake . You got to know what ingrdient to put, how much to bake and when is the time to take the cake out of the oven. Too early or too late, one can ruin the whole effort.

Here are 5 exam time tips. Just studying isnt sufficient, be smart in answering your question paper during exam time.

1. Answer your best question first. A positive first impression goes a long way.

2. Before answering, understand what the question is really asking.

3. Time your questions. Don't time individual questions, but decide on how many question you want to complete in each hour of the exam. Exams are not just test of your knowledge but test of how you manage your time.

4. Be clear, tidy and legible. The less the effort the examiner has to spent on understanding your answers, the better.

5. Last but not the least, keep some time for revising what you have answered. Silly mistakes are the biggest contributer of exam failure, revising what you answered at the end is a good way to minimize these mistakes.

Hope this simple, common sense steps will help you shine in your exams. Good luck.

And before i wind down, last tip, when in the examination hall, stay in the present. Whatever be the situation, tough paper, easy paper, don't run ahead. Stay cool and calm.
Good luck!!

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