Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What extra skills should an avionics stream student of AeSI have?

What extra skills should an avionics stream student of AeSI have?

After my post on being profssional, I have received a couple of emails
from many of you. One such email had 6 questions for me to answer.

The question are apt and well framed. I will try to answer them all by
putting then in 6 different posts.

Mr Sumantra is in avionics stream and so his first question was

"we dont have practical in our course, so what extra thing do you
suggest a student should learn for avionics stream?, like students go
for CFD , catia and ansys for aeromechanical"

Let me begin by saying, if your main dish is great, then dessert does
not matter.

Whatever you have studied in aesi is the base, don't leave crack in
that base. Anything that you do beyond that is the dessert! It adds to
glamour but it's the core studies that drives the engine.

If you have read MyAeSI Ebook, you will know about the equation
Knowledge + skills = job

Building skills are important. And now to your question of what skills
an avionics student of aesi should acquire.

First of all. Build your communication skills. Oral and written. They
are the most important skill that one needs to have, whatever be his/
her work.

Apart from communication, an aesi avionics graduate can get training
in labview, learn c coding, know how to use matlab simulink and
embedded system depending on personal interest.

As i am from propulsion stream, my knowledge on avionics is limited.
So over the lifespan of this blog, i have invited few accomplished
avionics engineers from aesi to answer this similar question. Please
find them here by searching the blog via this link.

Hope this helps

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