Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recent AeSI graduates: Be professional

Today I was at the Annual General Meeting of AeSIAA. There I came
across a letter written by a recent AeSIAA graduate looking for an
intrinship position.

I admire the initiative of that graduate. He thought out of the box
and mailed to AeSIAA office for referel. But my admiration stops there.

A look at the resume dissipitated any good feeling that I had for
him. It seems that some people mistakenly assume that raw enthusiasm
and a willingness to work is enough to get them in the door. It

You have to be professional. You are an engineer now. You need to
know how to write a decent resume. You need to know what to put in
that resume. Just raw enthusiasm won't do.

Please don't do such silly mistakes. They do matter. You have
Internet as a vast resource and google a doorway. Why not utilize
that to craft a professional resume?

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