Monday, June 27, 2011

How to pass AeSI papers? - open question to all

Just received a distraught and passionate mail from a section a
student. He said aesi examination question pattern isn't suited for
Indian environment. He argued that instead of subjective paper, Aesi
papers should be objective. He also doubted that there is something
wrong in the the checking of aesi answer sheets.

Well I have to admit, many students including myself have doubted the
checking system of answer sheets by AeSI. At some point of time, we
have wondered what happened to our marks when we were sure we have
done a great job in the examination hall.

I guess the reason for this doubt is the opaque wall that aesi has
put. We don't have access to the checked papers and this non
transparency raises out doubts, which are magnified when we get bad

Now when I look back at those semesters where I felt Mr Goyal had some
evil hand in failing me, I think somewhere I was also responsible.

Examinations are not about telling what you know. It's about giving
relevant answers to the questions asked. It's not about spilling
whatever you know, on paper, but giving the right and accurate
information required by the question.

Brief and to the point answers are Indicators of your understanding of
the question.

Well these topic is open to lot of discussions, so I open this
question to all of you. What do think about this? Do feel free to

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