Sunday, June 26, 2011

Apple iPhone and you

Read the following at the noise and signal blog. It's about why
Apple's iPhone is dominating the smartphone market.

"The basics absolutely matter. If the basics aren't right then
worrying about the other stuff is futile. This is why Apple put years
of thoughtful work into getting the basics right. Then they released
the iOS and the iPhone. Then, a year later, they turned the iOS into a
platform for third party developers. And today that platform is
available on tens of millions of iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads.
Apple got their priorities straight."

Same priorities are applicable to everyone.

Be it as an aero society student or aesi graduate. Whatever we do, we
have to get the basics right.

Learning nastran or Ansys will go unused if you fail to understand the
simple concepts of stress and strain! Knowing non linear analysis will
go in vain if you don't understand the difference between linear and
non linear!

So build your base first.

For all aesi graduates I recommend that in section A, make studies as
your primary focus. Concentrate on getting your concepts right, before
emarking on skill building! Know what is taught. Explore those
topics. Learn them such that you can explain them to your grandmother.

Skill building can begin in the late two semesters of section b.

More on this is myaesi ebook. Check that out if you haven't

Good luck and be a star!

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