Sunday, June 26, 2011

Percentage of marks in AeSI

Ok so today let us take the second question. It's not specific to any
stream. This question is almost on every aesi students mind.

"what is the percentage of marks required for an aesian for job? Are
both section a and b equally important or stress is upon section b?"

The obvious answer to this question is, the higher the percentage the
better. There's no fixed number here but most of the govt.
organisation look for candidates with marks more than 60%

For private companies there is no stated numbers.

These marks are just signals. If you have good percentage marks, you
are sending a strong signal. But if they are in 50's, that signal
prompts people to question your knowledge.

That's the only difference.

As I said earlier is some post here, always shoot for high marks but
if your don't get them, don't loose hurt. There is more to life than

For your second question, overall marks are more important than just
section b!!

Hope this answers your question. Feel free to comment if you have a
different take on this.

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