Monday, February 14, 2011

Wait no more 3rd AeSIAA Annual Family Get Together is here

In January, whenever I visited any friends place, every bhabhi’s would always ask,”Hey, when is that AeSI Family get together”. This is a measure of how popular this family event is among the household of AeSIAA families.

So wait no more, the 3rd Edition of AeSIAA organized Annual Family Event is finally here.

3rdAeSIAA gettogether

Some Details

3rd edition of Annual Alumni and their Family Get Together for Alumni residing in and around Bangalore is planned with a contributory Lunch, the preliminary details of which are given below:

Any and every AeSI alumni and their family/friends as well as student members residing in and around Bangalore shall be considered to attend this.

The details are:

  1. Date : 5th March 2011
  2. Venue: Emerald Isle Resort

More Information  at this location.

Registration is Open… To register click this link. Online Registration Form or fill and submit the following form

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