Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Best career path to follow after AeSI

A few days back Aditya posted this query in ouraesi yahoo group.


Hello Sir,

Firstly, Thank you very much for replying. So if I wanted to apply for unpaid training I will have to meet the scientist working in the organisation for the concerned field of interest, personally?

Can you suggest me the best career path to follow after AeSI ? I came to know that it will be best to first work in the organisations like NAL, GTRE, ADE etc. as a trainee engineer and then pursue M. Tech. or find a job. Is this right?


I wanted to reply to him but before I could some time to do do, Mr. Shashank Sharma, an AeSI alumni, gave a elaborate and useful reply.

So I thought of reporting his reply her so that it could be useful to the readers of this blog and doesn't get lost in the group emails.

Thanks a lot to Mr. Shashank!



I have tried preparing a 'priortized' list for the subject matter.
Based on individual's launch-conditions, the term 'best career path' can be any 1 or many out of the following:
1. Clearing gate and pursuing ME/MTech in Indian universities and finding job via campus, provided you have time, funding and brains.

2. Clearing GRE/TOEFL/IELTS etc. to pursue ME/MS in overseas universities (requirement remains same as in 1.)

3. Clearing DRDO-SET/CSIR for NAL/ADA/any such compatible exam to become Scientist-B.

4. Apply for Junior Research Fellowship-GATE i.e. JRF-GATE in NAL, Bangalore which leads to induction of candidate as research fellow. 2 years of contractual service sponsorship and eligibility for applying ME/MS (under NAL sponsorship). This even leads to sponsorship for PhD (60% in degree and a valid gate score, check NAL website for further details).

5. JR Fellowship with ADA, Bangalore

6. Pursuing training (paid/unpaid) leading to accumulation of strong analytical engineering experience strengthens ones candidature for private companies.
Experts can add further to this list.


Shashank Sharma


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