Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Procedure for Job search

A few weeks ago someone asked this question on ouraesi yahoo club and Mr. Shashank as usual had great thoughtful response.

I am relishing it here for everyone's benefit.

Thanks Shashank !!

Bala Sekar,

Searching for company that can hone you skills should be pursued in following ways:

(1) Post your job profile in various job websites.,,

(2) Keep a close watch on upcomming job requirements in newspaper. Also wherever possible, try alligning your candidature with job requirements by enhancing your skills-set.

(3) Remain in touch with various job-posting on trustworthy yahoo/gmail groups.

(4) Be connected with your seniors/friends, with whom you can get ready job-informations of their respective employers.

(5) Lastly, freshen up your subjective knowledge to crack the interviews/discussions.

Shashank Sharma

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Good luck!!

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