Saturday, February 12, 2011

3 trends from AeroShow for AeSI Graduates

Today I went to Aero India Show 2011. Loved soaking myself in so much
aerospace products in a single day.

Was amazed to see so many cool stuff happening out there.

Well as I visited one hall to another, following are three things that
kept coming back to me.

1. Avionics, precision manufactring boom is coming.

2. So many campanies are in UAV business. Saw numerous good and
innovative designs, even from small players in Indian aerospace

3. There are more companies working in aerospace than we actually
know. Yes, they are not as well known or big as GE, but are doing
quite well in what they do.

Well have you visited aero india show 2011? How was your experience?
What did you take away from it apart from the pictures?

Share your views!!

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