Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some of the Related Websites AeSI Sites hosts

Have you ever gone to the AeSI’s new website which hosts a section called related website. (if not then here’s the link)

Following is the list of web sites listed there


  • www.airindia.com
  • www.airbus.com
  • www.airportsindia.org.in
  • www.asladvancedsys.in
  • www.boeing.com
  • www.cadestech.com
  • www.ecil.co.in
  • www.ge.com
  • www.hitech.com
  • www.embraer.com
  • www.indamer.com
  • www.rolls-royce.com
  • www.iasindia.com
  • www.honeywell.com
  • www.rockwellcollins.com
  • www.tajaironline.com
  • www.raes.org.uk
  • www.maxaerospace.com
  • www.iocl.com
  • www.indian-airlines.nic.in
  • www.vemtechnologies.com

    aesilogoSo now tell me how many of them are related to you? and Have you visited any one of them?

    Vemtechnologies is the odd one. I haven’t heard the name for the first time. Same for IOCL. Wondering why NAL, HAL and ISRO doesn’t figure in the AeSI’s site.

    So what are the sites I want to see on AeSI’S related website.

    • NAL
    • HAL
    • ISRO
    • Quest Global
    • Hcltechnologies
    • TCS
    • Infotech
    • ADA
    • ADE

    What do you want to see?

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