Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Polls and delays..

Sorry for no post and for the big break I had to take. I was busy with the poll matter and then had to go to my native for a visit. So there is lot of things to share.


Since I have mentioned it, let’s talk about the polls. As I mentioned, I totally forget to write a post regarding that here. So for all those who don’t know what I am talking about, here’s a quick update that now OURAESI club hosts fortnightly polls for its members.


Why the polls? Well polls are good mechanism to know what people are thinking.  And basically every channel and media of communication is doing it so why we AeSI’ans be left behind. So the polls were back.



Back because they were part of OURAeSI before, I remember back in 2002 when I began the club and have persuaded few of my friends to join the club, I used to run polls…….. So those days are back now but now I plan to use the poll to do more than simple fun and give the people of aesi the voice.



Till now we have run two polls……   read about them there in the OURAeSI. And each one has brought heated discussion. I liked the response it generated and it served the purpose and brought out the aesi community, which somehow loves sleeping.



More of the poll are scheduled to come, I am inviting members to submit there polls too, so that we can keep the spirit alive.



Before I began this post I thought I will tell you one curious fact about aesi results this time which are out, but since I know you folks don’t like big post so I will leave the info for the next post. So be sure to check that. It deals with something that had happened in AeSI AGM and its effect on the results!!!


Hope I have piqued your interest…



So folks keep reading, I know, I have promised many times but now I am really planning to upgrade this forum of my communication to you so that it is more help full, informative and entraining to you.



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