Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A new look

It’s been long since I have been using the dots template for this blog, in fact this was the first and the last template I chose when I began the blog. So many things have changed since; I was a student then, now I am a aeronautical engineer working in a good company, single then married now. So many changes in my life so why not some changes in the blog.


Well so here I go? And changed it?


Like the previous template I wanted this one to be light and simple. Just like the dots template this harbor template is simple and the focus always remains on the content!!!


Hope you like the change. And for all those who are reading this, this is not the only changes  that you will see in the blog, some more features and text are going to be added in it and I am planning to make it more useful and informative to you all.


So make sure you check it within a week’s time!!


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