Wednesday, January 31, 2007

posts getting leaner

Well I have nothing special to tell but as I looked at my posts in the blog, I saw that the post have become so rare and they are spaced so much. The last post was on 5th Jan and the last before that was a long ago. Why? I wondered given that now I have internet and computer access now, so why this posts have grown so less and my activity in the club has grown so lean. Perhaps since I have come to Bangalore, I am more involved in my personal growth, in updating and teaching myself that I have lost touch with the favorite thing that I always loved doing since June 2002 when ouraesi club had its first post.


Another reason about the lean post that I see is that I stopped writing personal things and was just reporting what I heard and knew. But not anymore; I have to resurrect this blog and I intend to do so.


Anupam goyal’s email gathered so much enthusiasm in everyone and that’s what I aimed at when I first posted in the club and I am planning to do so again.


So folks stay tuned I won’t be disappointing you. Anyway you can congratulate me on my wedding which was one of the reasons the posts were lean in the last 6 months!!!! 




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