Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How C programming is related to vision of MyAesi ?

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/* Write your comment here ! */
This is how, we suppose to write comments in C language. Often programmers seem to ignore writing of comments. But when a team is building big software well commented code is almost essential for other team members to understand it. An adequate number of comments can save hours of misery and suffering when you later try to figure out what the program does.

Similarity with the vision of MyAesi 
We work online & offline to promote brand Aesi and to shape the career of fellow graduates of Aesi. 1500+ posts, letter of recommendation from the Director of ADE and etc are the facts which advocate this fact.

When we share something so It's an opinion of us and when you park your comments so it become the public opinion. These opinions further help fellow Aesi Graduates like the way, comments help to a C programmer.
Add on to it, if you park your comments so we have a access to different aspects of a post.

Let's make it an Interactive platform, I request all the engineers, students, admins of various blogs and communities dedicated to aviation to come up and  Join hands with us to make it an interactive platform so that we can shape the future and showcase the reality.

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