Friday, June 15, 2012

30 Days !

Exams are over !
Best Wishes to all.

This post is very specific to the students who are about to complete their section-A this semester. Yeah ! I agree that It's time to enjoy after exams however make sure to utilize these 30 Days, to select the right stream.
DO what you like and LIKE what you love !
(A simple concept which helps a lot in selecting the right stream.)
Some Facts :

  • There will be lots of students who will say that real aeronautics comes under "Aeromechanical" stream and all other streams are damn easy and so on ...
    (My answer : All streams deserve equal importance, Imagine a real aircraft and notice Is it possible to take off the aircraft without engine ? land without landing gears or instruments ? operation without maintenance & ground staff ?)
    It's a team work and like a chain, if one loop goes so entire chain breaks. 

  • Various survey says that Maintenance & Production will be the upcoming sector and India will gain a super sonic speed in the development of Indian sky. More will be the planes, more will be the jobs in Indian Aviation market.
  • Everyone needs speed and comfort. Avionics is playing a huge role in this domain, starting from "Aircraft's automatic hand wash system in washroom" to "Flight control system". Avionics always shakes hand when it comes to modernization or automation of aircraft.   
All streams are good, Just select which you like. Interact with your seniors, Use LinkedIn and try to know what exactly an Aeronautical engineer does? Check it for all streams, Find your area of interest and Rock !

Useful Communities : Check it on this post ! " CLICK HERE "
Worry about Jobs ! " CLICK HERE & CLICK HERE  "

All the best for your RESULT !

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