Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beware of fraud institutes....

Friends It's the time of admissions, there are lots of institutes which provide coaching for associate membership examination conducted by Aeronautical Society of India. I wish to share some facts which are very necessary to read before joining any such institute because some institutes are there who play with your money, your career and the most important your time. You may feel that I'm wrong or It totally depends on students and so many things but the history advocates my point.

1. Useful links which can help you in knowing that what is Aesi and how to get enrolled ?
(Some points in the below mentioned url are outdated like fee structure however the concept is same and they are worth reading for the new comers.)

2. Facts
  1. It's a correspondence course which contains 20 papers divided into two sections, Section-A & Section-B. 
  2. Society is aware that some private institutes are providing coaching for the associate membership examination however they don't recommend any such institute. 
  3. Society doesn't have any tie-up with such institutes to provide coaching.
  4. If you want to get yourself registered in Aesi, so the amount for each section is 5000 rupee. (Please confirm with society : Click Here for the contact details.
3. Please think 100 times before joining any institute. Take help from seniors, social media platform, interact with the profiles who have completed their degrees. They are the actual hero who can save your money in lac and help you in designing a career track for you.
Some helpful communities where you can take suggestions from seniors.
4. Don't just go on infrastructure. I agree that it also matters a lot but without a quality faculty, what will you do with the infrastructure ? Meet your faculty before joining any institute. There are institutes which might give you FREE LAPTOP or ANY SCHOLARSHIP. Even after scholarship, the fee might cost you around 1,00,000. It's just their artificial policy to attract some students. 

5. My agenda here is not to disappoint any college or institution, Even there are some institutes which are providing quality education as well as there are seniors in metro cities which are taking classes and they are perfect in some subjects. I don't want to recommend any such institute. 

Best of Luck to the new comers.  

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