Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gate Preparation _ Section-A !

Greetings of the day !

The title of the post sounds strange. Isn't it ?
Agree ! Actually I was chatting with a student of Section-A who has cleared 3 papers and he was asking me about where to do gate preparation and he was damn excited about it.
Let's take an example first :
Why do you need a bachelors degree to enroll in masters ? because to be a master in mathematics, you must have the basic knowledge of mathematics and it is represented by a bachelors degree if you are going to enroll yourself for masters in mathematics.

What to do in Section-A in terms of Gate Preparation ?
  • Identify your real potential because the honest measure of success is what you are doing compared to your true potential.
  • Clearing Gate is very easy if you have a clear picture of the basics. History advocates that even after completing the degree, one prepares again for subjects like Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Engineering Mathematics etc. : Hence my request to you is rather than just learning the concepts blindly, focus on achieving excellence in basics, It'll  not only help you in examination hall but will also help you  a lot while doing Gate Preparation
  • I always say one thing that your friend circle represents your identity and the marks you score in any exam. Try to have a good friend circle. Take a topic and have a quiz among your circle followed with a debate. By doing so nobody can stop you to meet achievements. 
  • While you'are in Section-A, don't go anywhere for Gate Preparation (It's my personal opinion.), Clear your basics of every subject and try to score maximum because my strategy says that very soon the fashion of 60% is going to be outdated. It'll be at least a minimum of 65% because in other universities, students are even getting a cgpa of 9.5 (It's a fact !)  
What not to do during academics ?
  • Don't have friends which create negative environment and which further lead to failure. 
  • So many people will say to you that Jobs are not there and to leave aesi or to take lateral admission in any other university because Aesi is very difficult and so many things : just say to them "Winners don't quit & Quitters don't win." and if jobs are not there so "Where the hell are seniors working ?"    

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