Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pre-requisite to join any institute @ Embedded !!!

Many profiles have contacted me to suggest any good institute for them to learn Embedded Technology. Even though in this era, it is very difficult for me to suggest the same however I wish to share some facts which will help you for sure in choosing the right platform.
Embedded course fee ranges from INR 8000 to INR 50000, this fee includes below given modules.
Programming Language : C, C++
Basics of Electronics, Digital Electronics, Basics of Microprocessors
Embedded concepts using 8085 microcontroller
I was interacting with my friend last day about his institute, He told me that his institute is very good and they are teaching him pretty well. I asked him, "Whether he is satisfied by learning 8085 or not." He replied me that his institute has a brand value in bangalore and most of the companies recruits candidates from his institute just because of it's brand value. I told him that market no longer deals with 8085, It's the time of AVR, ARM ... even more advanced microcontroller. He replied me "Who cares ?.. if I'm getting the job by learning 8085."
C.E.O. of GVC systems also says that "8085 or other 8 bit microcontrollers are no longer basics when it comes to Real Time Circuits." Even I also do feel like this.
Henceforth I suggest you all that if you are going to join any institute to learn Embedded Technology so first try to know what modules is the team offering ? 8085 is the basis... let's say !! but how about advanced micro-controllers ? Atleast if not advanced .... then they must teach you AVR and ARM. so that you can meet the market requirement.

Best Wishes !!

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