Friday, March 02, 2012

Embedded ????

I want to share my embedded experience with you. Friends, when I was about to join any institute to learn embedded so at that point of time "I wasn't aware about what is Embedded ?.. I've just heared by my friends that It's a software/programming language which is used in Aviation Industry. Even I have googled about Embedded but there were big-big definition." I wish to tell few facts about Embedded to the new comers.
Digital Clock .... [ 00:00:00 ]
Digital Calender [ MM-DD-YY ]
//It's programmed using Embedded. How???? How it's possible after every 60 seconds minutes number is incremented by 1 ? Is it by using a simple for loop?
for (i=0;i<=59;i++)
"diwali's jhalars.." remember there is a switch... by pressing it multiple times, we can display multiple patterns of l.e.d. How ? Is there any chip inside ? Has someone burned any program in it? One switch & 4-5 program that too in just 20-30 rupees... HOW????????
It's Embedded........ but It's not all about Embedded.

\\I have given few examples just to let new comers know about "What we can do by using Embedded Technology ?"

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