Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let's contribute your learnings !

In this era of advancement, learning a technology without social networking is like red rose without fragnance. Day by day new concepts strike into the market, new researches take place and a lot. I personally feel that if we'll share our learnings so we'll not only reflect a shadow of perfectness but also will get a chance to learn new things, new approaches of a project and a lot.
Friends, It's a tradation of Aesi that students of Avionics domain genrally choose to learn Embedded technology before striking into the market. At institutes, we learn something but untill an unless we don't share it so we can't understand it's different aspects.
Let's start !
I'm working on Atmel's Atmega 16 microcontroller. I'm good in 
  • Basic Electronics Circuits  "mobile charger, laptop charger, voltage regulator, fire alarm, diwali's lights which glows at multiple pattern etc...."
  • LCD Interfacing using CVAVR (projects like : digital clock, alarm machine, stop watch, displaying any data etc....)
  • ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) (projects like : voltmeter etc....)  
  • Speed control of D.C. motor (using pulse width modulation PWM mode of timers)
and .......................
If anyone needs any help in the above stuff or wants any kind of assistance in making project so you can mail me at or can contact me on facebook (Himalya Bansal).
If anyone is already working on Embedded platform and wants to share about his job profile or about the technology so He/She is always welcome.

Happy Starting !  

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