Monday, August 29, 2011

Get out and get wet

It's raining outside and if you aren't in the rain you won't get wet.

I am not talking of the watery downpour happening outside. I am referring to the current flood of job requirements for aerospace domain in the private and public sector.

There was not a better time to be in aerospace than this.

So go get out and get wet.

Upload your latest skills and achievement in your resume and float it.

The rain isn't there forever, get the most out of it.

If you have seen a requirement, and you doubt if you suit that requirement, do the safest thing, send in your resume and let them decide.

If you aren't sure you qualify, give yourself benefit of doubt and shoot that resume.

I have seen, most of the time, we underestimate our capabilities and don't just send in our resume. That's a mistake.

I am not saying shoot your resumes for all CEO jobs that you see, but if an interesting and worthwhile offer shows up, don't just let it go. Give it a shot.

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