Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Why I don't pass a subject in AeSI?

I don't know. But let's me share what I did when I didn't pass.

After blasting aesi for the result, I usually turned to my own short coming.

And to my surprise I always found that there were some things that I would have done better. I was never able to outrightly blame aesi for my failure. A shadow of doubt always remained that I had lacked somewhere. I missed something.

But the act of thinking back and trying to ascertain the reason of my failure surely helped me see the cracks in my own study system. I learnt from them and finally I did pass those subjects.

So all I can suggest you guys and gals is once the amaesi aesi results are in. Take stock on what you did right and what went wrong? Why you failed? What you did in your passing subject and what you didn't in the failed subject?

An hour of this can go a long way in improving your studies.

Share your views. They are always welcome.

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