Sunday, July 18, 2010

How to prepare for interviews?

Preparation for interview and preparation for exams is two different
things. One can't apply the same preparation techniques in these

Exams needs through indepth study while interview seeks a overall

Interview revolve around what you have presented in your resume, while
exams deal with topics of your syllabus.

Interview are oral and more dependant on how you present what you know
while exams need the exact anaswer to a specific question.

Exams are close ended and have fix set of question in a limited time,
while interview is free flowing, with no set questions or time

Best thing about interview is you can lead it to your own way. You can
steer it to your comfort zones. Learn to do this very thing and you
will be clear every interview you attend!!

Read more about interview preparation by clicking this link

Good luck!!

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