Saturday, July 24, 2010

Failures and how to use them as guides!

Learning is a continous process. It doesn't end with your final
result, nor does it end when you get a job. It doesn't end anytime.

If you want to improve. If you want to succeed, continous learning is
the path that lays ahead of you.

How to make sure you are walking the path?

Making mistakes and failing. If you are failing in your tasks that's
an indication that you are following a path of improvement. It
indicates you are learning.

What's the point?
The point is your failures in the last week or two will tell your more
honestly about your current state of improvement than anything else.

You may lie to yourself, you may talk yourself that the last tasks you
did were really improving your skills. But if you haven't failed in
the last week. That's an indication you are not improving. This means
you were just doing the easy stuff.

Failure is the last week is thus a more accurate indication of
progress than anything else.

So track them.

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