Wednesday, May 23, 2007

NASA the ultimate destination

Well I have been visiting (NASA’s official site ever since I have joined AeSI) I visited it regularly and do so now, but now there is one difference. As you all might have learnt that Bishnujee singh is part of NASA mission, so now visiting NASA I feel proud that one of the AeSI guy is out there.


As one of my close friend was saying to me just a week back, Being and working is NASA is the ultimate glory of an aerospace / aeronautical engineer. Others may pay or give you more but NASA is truly the Mecca of aerospace engineer and now knowing that one of us is there doing work, it inspires me and feel me with immense pride!!!!



Well this is the artist impression of the spacecraft that Mr. Bishnujee might be working on. The mission as I have learnt from the site is to build a spacecraft that will do science on aerosol and solar irradiance.


Here’s what the mission page states.....


“Glory is a remote-sensing Earth-orbiting observatory designed to achieve two separate mission objectives. One is to collect data on the chemical, microphysical, and optical properties, and spatial and temporal distributions of aerosols. The other is to continue collection of total solar irradiance data for the long-term climate record. “



For more hop to


Visit it and be inspired!!!!


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