Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why AESI is not up to the mark for me? - an aesi students view

After my recent post on update from aesiaa, I received this email from an aesi student. And I am posting his email here for giving it a wider audience.

I am changing the name for obvious reasons. But the points raised by him are genuine and worth to ponder.

I have sent a brief reply to this email to him, will post the same here, latter this week.

Now over to the student of aesi......

hello sir,

I am tony, AVIONICS stream , cleared 16 papers so far(65.2%). I don't know what to say and what to expect from this email but still you asked me to shoot you a mail, so i'm writing this. When you wrote the last blog , then i got a little carried away
and wrote things that shouldn't be said or atleast the way i put it .

I'm sorry for that, but truely sir what i wrote was straight from the heart and if you think from our student side, then it won't be that wrong if you see.

What AESIAA is doing or trying to do, is very impressive and yes every one has a life and sorry for putting it that
way. What i want is that someone could carry my words to AESI, as i
can't do it myself as long as i haven't completed it, thats it, what i meant when i wrote it . I thing AESI doesnt deserve that kind of pride 'cause of the negligence it shows to students like us,and the lady who picks up the phone she is over smart, i think, don't even know the proper rules,

Why AESI is not up to the mark for me?

1) Absolutely no motivation from their side, u don't get credit on merit , nor deserving students are offered any job after completion, so when there is no motivation how one is supposed to study,

2) very elusive policies and rules, the rules regarding training and projects in sec-b are not clearly mentioned in any written notice, u have to call AESI to seek information and that stupid lady hungs up without even listening to your queries,

3) Syllabus not upto the mark what industry seeks from avionics,
students, nor it is suitable for GATE, we have to study a hell lot extra to cover it up, its not so in case of aero-mechanical though,

4)Wont give authority to any college , like IGNOU so they can train us
the way they want and practical can be included.

5) i don't understand every organisation wants to see its growth , but why not AESI ? its going the other way round, its being decades since
the foundation of AESI, progress is nil not slow,

6) The curriculum does n't encourages quality students, most of the students who are present in AESI are simply 'cause they didn't get
chance in good colleges not like me who want to study aeronautics ,,

7) there is a huge void between passing of 20 papers and getting a job
'cause :-
a) No one knows AESI that well
b) % marks are not good of majority of students
c) no practical knowledge only theoretical, so that effects confidence of the student itself
d) to gain practical knowledge u have to get training from organisations which are mostly unpaid and u have to pay them instead, so that kills time, money ,patience and aesi is not be bothered about it

8) "u are 21 \22 yr u are an engineer and working for a good company "
chances for either of this case or both to occur is tending to 0% i believe

Sir , i have spit it out, i don't know how will you take it but i certainly can't feel proud of an organization which
lacks this qualities, i'm very sorry sir, my apology again.


What are your views? Spell them in the comments but let's be nice.

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