Wednesday, April 11, 2012


On the post on aesiaa update, sumantra has this comment.

sir, i would suggest if there is provision to speak out rather stay
dumb and listen to the person standing on the podium , please someone
gather the courage and point out the negligence of AESI on our
students members, we are asked to fell proud of our board , how is it
possible to do something when you are not doing from your heart? this
negligence of AESI and a total revision of the entire curriculum have
to be brought out , to make us student fell proud in what we say and
what we do, other wise it would just be an alumni meeting not a
effective conversation,
and if possible try to broadcast it through youtube or other means, so
that student all over india are motivated,,,,,,,,,

Well this comment just made me realize that people don't know what
people associated with aesiaa are really doing.

Let's zoom out a little.

Aesiaa is a not for profit alumni association formed by group of aesi
graduates. Aesiaa does not pay them. They work as volunteers and pitch
in their time and effort while carrying on with their daily life.

It's very easy to dismiss the efforts if you don't see this dedication.

In the agm every aesi member in Bangalore got the invitation to
attend, but just a handful of aesi graduates turned up.

And about not being heard. Well you can't change a system in one day.
Two years back aesi didn't even recognize aesi alumi association but
efforts are continuing. Now they are commending our work.

Those seniors who are part of this are doing their bit, slowly and
steadly we are becoming a force to recon with.

But as I said earlier, this isn't our job. We have a life outside aesi
and unlike many other graduates, we have not chosen to disconnect from
aesi once we graduate. Instead we have chosen to stay connected and
connect everyone involved.

YouTube video. Good idea. But as we said we have limited hands and
more things to do.

What we need is more people joining this initiative. So if you haven't
joined the initiative, do so now. Shoot me a mail.

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